Board and Train
Day Camp

It’s  preferred that the training dog has attended day care at least two times (at our $15.00/a day rate), or has boarded at least one time before they are dropped off for boot camp. The reasoning for this is simply for the health and comfort of your furry friend. We would like to get to know your pup, and make sure that they are comfortable in our kennel environment before they are dropped off for the full two weeks of training, this can also provide us with a little more time to come up with a tailored plan to help your specific dog! We understand and agree that your dog has their own personality and needs, and we want to feel confident that we are providing them with the best training while they are in house to meet those individual needs. This also gives your dog the comfort of knowing that even if their parents leave them overnight, they will be back to get them! It can also be important to know that if you are planning a trip during the time of your dog’s boot camp, it would be best to start packing AFTER you drop them off for their stay (or while they are at day care), to avoid any extra stress of anxiety from seeing you pack.

Commands your pup could learn during their stay with us.

  • Sit: Most dogs are already pros at this one, but after they get that tasty treat, they’re usually outta there! We will teach your pup to understand that sit means sit, AND STAY until they are released. Along with learning the real meaning behind the verbal command, we will pair the verbal command with a hand sign and body language. This can help in moments where distractions are a little more high volume.
  • Down: Just like learning to sit, your dog may already know the down command, but we will pair it with a hand sign and some body language as backup tools for more high volume distraction areas. We will be teaching your pooch to lay down on command, with an implied stay. So, your pup will learn to “down” and stay in a relaxed down until you give them to greenlight to get up and do whatever they/you want next!
  • Heel: Is your pup just SO EXCITED that they are willing to run to the end of the leash, and pull until they choke themselves? It can be a little exhausted yanking back and trying to gain control in exciting situations, (for some dogs, just being on a leash is SUPER EXCITING all in itself!). In the 2 weeks your pup is with us, we will teach them how to politely walk on leash, by your side, as well as sitting when you stop, and making sure that they aren’t tripping you as you turn.
  • Recall: While in house, we will teach your pup recall. Although we can teach them to understand the command, this command can take a while for some pups to really learn the rules to. We will install the basic understanding in your pup, but it will take months of practice for them to master this skill. We start slow, and in low distraction areas so that we are confident that they understand when we call for them to come “here”, that means stop what you’re doing, find me, and come straight to me. We will also work with desensitizing them to grabbing their collar as they return to us. This will help with them being more comfortable with what dogs see as us being rude and reach straight for their heads, and the first step to avoiding the “keep away” game most dogs play once they see their leash come out when they’re not at all ready to stop the party.
  • Name Game: Can you call your dog’s name for hours, and they look right past you? During their stay, we will teach your pup their name! This will help to make your pup more attentive when giving them other commands as well. We will teach your pup that their name is actually a command, by teaching them that *Dog’s Name* means, give me eye contact no matter what you’re doing.
  • Place: Place is a boundary stay. When your dog is on place, they can sit, lie down, sleep, snore, scratch, or even better play with a interactive toy.  This simple to teach command comes in handy in a number of daily activities.  Dinnertime, homework time, movie time, and entertaining guests are all appropriate occasions to incorporate “place”.  It can prevent unwanted begging, jumping, barking and other unwanted nuisance behaviors.  Even better, it keeps your dog from being banished to the backyard, a crate, or isolated in a separate area of the house.
  • Handling: Does your dog prefer not to have certain areas of their body touched? Are vet visits stressful, or can nail trims be a little rough? While in house we will be working on making your dog more comfortable with handling in general. We start slow and listen to your dog’s signals to make sure not to push them over their threshold. We will perform mock vet visits, work on nail trim/bathing desensitization, and any other kind of handling issues (that don’t put us or anyone else at risk) you would like to be addressed.
  • Clicker Tricks: Play dead, sit pretty, roll over, weave, speak bow, spin, shake, and lots more…..
  • Custom Training: Will be tailored to each dog and your specific needs.

More perks of the training include a complete reset for your pup. While they are with us, your dogs HAVE to “follow the rules”, so they learn that they are being held to everything that they are learning with us. They get 14 or 30 days of non-stop socialization to the different employees that will be handling them in the kennel and play yards, along with the different dogs that are boarding or attending day care at that time, which can be very important especially with younger dogs.

All packages include a free consultation before training and one private lesson to help moms/dads keep up with training at home.  Board and Train packages also include a DVD showing what your pup has learned during their stay.

Pricing: $799.00 – 14 nights of boarding (One (1) dog)                                  $1,380.00 – 14 nights of boarding (Two (2) dogs in same run)

                $1400.00 – 30 nights of boarding (One (1) dog)                         $2,200.00 – 30 nights of boarding (Two (2) dogs in same run)

Includes: Boarding cost, training and equipment (custom training collar, standard training leash and place bed) E-collar NOT Included

Doggy Day School

                                   Pricing: $36.00 per day (One (1) dog)                                                        $56.00 per day (Two (2) dogs)